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Safari photo nature

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Safari-photo-nature is the consequence of two nature lovers and their desire to share a passion of nature photography and travelling.

Brice Cornet

Photographer, climbing and alpinism passionate he’s discovering and covering Romania for more then 5 years.

Belgian, Brussels resident, these 30 years old systems analyst abandoned IT world to make you discover exceptional landscapes and animals.

Brice speaks: French and English

Elena-Simona Popa

Geographer, specialized on tourism business, ex-director of Romanian National Tourist Broad for BENELUX, based in Brussels will reveal to you the hidden secrets of her country like a real mountain native could do: with passion, knowledge and of course action.

Elena speaks: French, English, Italian and Romanian

Legal Information | All right reserved Safari-Photo-Nature by |
 Photograph: Europe’s big mammals, Carpathian flora, Danube’s rarest birds, wild Africa

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