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Safari photo nature

  | Photography tours of Carpathian’s big mammals 

Take photos of Europe’s big mammals in the Romanian Carpathians.

60% of total European bear population, 40% of total wolf European population, lynx, owl, royal eagle etc.

Quality lookouts, accomodation in a hotel with swimming pool, fitness center and sauna: probably the best photography travel in the world!

Price starting of 585 €

> all inclusive + transfer airport

  | Ornithological cruise on Danube Delta

The only Delta in the world entirely declared as Biosphere Reserve. A real photographer’s paradise.

The Bern Convention protects an important number of birds (313 out of the 331 species), mammals (22 protected species and 7 strictly protected species) and fish (22 protected species). The Danube Delta is really the perfect place for a photography workshops.

Photo boat cruise starting from 750€

> flight, boat cruise for 6 night and meals included

  | Photo safari in Africa – meeting the legend


Lion, leopard, rhino, zebra, hippo, elephant, antelope, giraffe etc. could complete your portfolio.

The classical photo trips.

Safari photo in Africa starting from 3333€

  | Family trips: just share your photography passion with your love ones

  No need to be apart of you family!

Safari-photo-nature team offers you the possibility to spend a family vacation.

Hotel with swimming pool, sauna, fitness; excursions and other activities

Starting from 255 €

> all inclusive and airport transfer also included


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 Photograph: Europe’s big mammals, Carpathian flora, Danube’s rarest birds, wild Africa

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