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Safari photo nature

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| Brown Carpathian bear - the only opportunity to photograph the greatest European bear.

The biggest trophy shot here had 612 kg. There are usually individuals who touch 400kg. Those figures are incredible knowing that a European bear has around 300kg.

> Weight: 100 - 350 kg
> Height: till 2.5 m
> Width: 1.5 - 2.0 m
> Breading season: June - July
> Pregnancy: 180 - 266 days
> Cubs: 1 - 2
> Independence age: 2-3 years old
> Hibernation: November – March

| Take pictures of the greatest European                     Mammals in the Romanian Carpathians.

Bears are counting 5500 individuals, besides them there are also 4000 wolves, around thousand lynxes any many others.

You will easily photograph here mountain goat (Rupicapra Rupicapra), marmots, stags, wild boars, dears, wild cats etc. In special reserves there are also  buffaloes.

 Besides mammals there is also a great population of royal eagles, around 50% of total European.

Exactly in our region there are about 1500 animal species (insects, birds, mammals, fish, shellfish, etc).

Short mammals briefing: Cervus elaphus / red deer, Capreolus capreolus / deer, Sus scrofa attila / wild boar, Lynx / lynx, Canis lupus / wolf, Vulpes vulpes / fox, Felis silvestris / wild cat, Rupicapra rupicapra / mountain goat, Sciurus vulgaris / red squirrel,  Muscardinus avellanarius / common dormouse, dormouse,  Microtus arvalis / commun vole, Apodemus sylvaticus / forest mouse, Clethrionomis glareolus / buff-breasted vole, glis glis / grey dormouse, Dryomis nitedula / commun forest dormouse.

| Photography travel: the Carpathian experience

Day 1: Arrival in Bucharest. French, English, Romanian, Italian speaking guide awaits you at the airport. Departure to Sinaia, your accommodation place (125 km)

Day 2 to X: Your staying will be according to your preferences. It means that you will receive a mobile phone that will permit you to contact our team only. We will adapt ourselves after your wishes. We’ll lead you in and out of the photography lookouts. Besides photography lookouts we propose to you some excursions possibilities from which you can choose.

Last day: Sinaia – Bucharest airport

Minimum stay 3 days and 2 nights.

| Excursions

> Nature curiosities theme

*** Discovering mud volcanoes  (1 day)

*** Europe’s buffaloes (1 day)

*** Within Earth’s heart – the salt mines (1 day)

*** Trekking in Fagaras Mountains (only at demand, trek between 1 and 4 days)

*** The living fire (1 day)

Cultural theme

*** Paint monasteries from Bucovina  - Unesco heritage (3 days)

Safari photo for KIDS (new 2012)

*** A safety safari dedicated for kids (1 day)

| Photography tours renting prices

(Internal code CARPSINA)

> Photographer: 195 € / day

> Non photographer (companion): 85 € / day

> Child under 12 years old: 40€ / day


Compulsatory package of least 3 days / 2nights. 

For more information do not hesitate to contact us

Please check our general conditions.


Airport - hotel - airport transfer with 4 speaking languages guide.

Daily photography lookouts in-out transfer.

3 meals/day – la carte, individual room; beverages not included.

Free access to the swimming pool, sauna, fitness, pool table (snooker).


One saved bruin bear.

Prices DO NOT include

International flight, according to departure city.

We recommend Blue Air flight company.

Orientate ticket price for Paris/Brussels (an European destination) to Bucharest - +/- 120€ if you book your ticket with about 1,5 month before the departure time.

Complementary excursions.

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 Photograph: Europe’s big mammals, Carpathian flora, Danube’s rarest birds, wild Africa